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Well, we’ve had a makeover, a facelift. Unlike the human verity (which seems to make some recipients resemble a racing greyhound in a wind tunnel), this one will hopefully take years off us. It should also make our site nicer to look at and easier to navigate. This is down to web designer Fran Hasleden, whose […]

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TV motor racing pundit and ex-F1 supermo Eddie Jordan and noted authoress and socialite Jordan are rumoured to be collaborating on a range of monogrammed, retro-fit airbags. A ‘friend’ said; ‘they’re aiming for the lad’s mag market, and want to promote the airbags, which will be pink with lacy trimmings, under the brand name ‘Jordan! […]

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As estates go, this one's good looking

Grumpy Seat Leon ST test

Seat has launched an estate version of its Golf-sized Leon, and it’s rather good. That it’s based on the latest Golf helps, but the car, dubbed Leon ST, works in its own right. The styling is pleasantly pulled together, if anything more so than the slightly awkward hatchback Leon, and features a distinctive crease running […]

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Grumpy Audi RS-6 test

Do you remember the term ‘Q-car’, which referred to something that didn’t look fast but actually went like the clappers? It was popular in the 1950s and ’60s and had its origins in the World War II, when the Royal Navy deployed vessels that looked innocent, but were stuffed with armaments and a lot quicker […]

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Dacia 2

Grumpy Old Dacia Sandero test

It’s a small irony that Renault owns Dacia and a big chunk (around 44%) of Nissan, and in recent years both have, overall, enjoyed greater success than their parent. Mind you, things might be changing, as Renault is trying desperately hard to make cars that people actually want. For years, Dacia was Renault’s near-comatose Romanian […]

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