Well, we’ve had a makeover, a facelift. Unlike the human verity (which seems to make some recipients resemble a racing greyhound in a wind tunnel), this one will hopefully take years off us.

It should also make our site nicer to look at and easier to navigate. This is down to web designer Fran Hasleden, whose ability to deal with Luddite editors without hunting them down with a meat clever deserves a mention.

We’ve used the re-vamp to launch ‘Giles Chapman’s Weird Accessories,’ a regular slot which needs no further explanation. We’d also like to point you in the direction of this month’s Grumpy Old Celebrity Driver, actor Tim Bentinck, (a.k.a. David Archer from Radio 4’s inescapable The Archers). As soon as we began speaking to him we thought: ‘Ah, this one’s going to write itself.’

Once you’ve read about his lorry driving, Beetle-bashing exploits you’d better read all the other stuff, or there will be trouble. When you’ve done that, please spread the irritability around and let the world know about us. The Grumpy Old Drivers is very much a seat-of-the-pants venture, a labour of love (or should that be ‘loathe?’) and the more people who read it, the less likely that someone will unplug its life support.